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eco friendly toilet

6 Simple ways to make your toilet eco-friendly

Climate change is for real. It’s high-time we do our part to restore our earth. You can start by taking small steps at your home. Let’s check out a few ways to make your toilet eco-conscious. You do not have to spend extra money or compromise on comfort. They are easy and a huge difference is guaranteed.

  1. Buy eco-friendly cleaners
    Eco-friendly cleaners are non-toxic and derived from natural or organic or plant-based ingredients. After use, they degrade quickly without any negative impact on the environment.
  2. Choose personal products wisely
    Use sustainable products. There are many options available today. You can switch to soap tablets, organic body soaps, bamboo toothbrushes, shampoo and conditioner bars, natural body scrubbers, biodegradable dental floss, tongue cleaners, sanitary napkins and menstrual cups. You can also try making DIY skin and hair care products at home.
  3. Get a bidet
    A bidet toilet seat attachment India is the best way to change how you clean yourself after toilet use. Hand-held jet sprays and toilet papers are conventional products that are not good for the environment. Jet sprays use a lot of water while toilet papers require a lot of trees to be cut down for its manufacture.
  4. Check your flush tank
    A leaky flush tank can cost a lot of water. Do regular checks for leakages in flush tanks, faucets and other water connection pipes. It helps to save a lot of water.
  5. Get the right shower curtains
    PVC shower curtains cannot be recycled. They are either dumped in landfills or burned down. To avoid this choose glass partitions, or if that isn’t possible try getting a shower curtain made of hemp, linen or jute.
  6. Plan well
    Always plan beforehand. Construct your toilet and all other rooms such that it will not need any renovations in the near future. Frequent renovations lead to a lot of wastage.

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