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How to Install And Use A Bidet: Guide for X-Clean Bidet

Are you planning to get a bidet attachment? Or have you already got one and trying to guess how to get it fixed? Then you are at the right spot. These toilet fixtures are designed such that anyone and everyone can install it. They attach to your existing toilet seat and connect to the home’s water supply. So you do not need any special plumbing skills to fix and use a bidet.

We have listed the installation steps of a bidet toilet seat attachment in India. Before installation makes sure you have the following parts: An adjustable mounting plate and bidet toilet seat attachment. Gather your DIY powers and let’s get this moving!

1. Firstly shut off the toilet water supply valve and empty your toilet flush tank.
2. Then unscrew the toilet seat enough to allow a 0.75 inch or 2 cm gap between the seat and the toilet bowl rim.
3. Keep the toilet seat lifted up and slide the U-shaped slots at the ends of the mounting plate of the bidet attachment around the exposed bolts of the toilet seat. Press the centre of the plate towards the toilet sliding it under the back seat. Adjust the bidet so that the spray nozzle is in the back and centre of the toilet bowl.
4. Now tighten toilet seat bolts.
5. Check for a black rubber washer in the T-adapter. If it is not present insert one on the top of the adapter.
6. Connect the top of the T-adapter to the toilet flush tank water inlet and the bottom to the toilet water supply hose.
7. Connect the stainless steel braided connector to the side of the T-adapter and the water inlet of the bidet. Tighten with a wrench. Make sure you don’t over tighten.

Confused about how to use it? You can start using your bidet right away. After using the toilet, you just have to adjust the water spray direction depending on if you need to cleanse the front or back of your underside. You can also control the water pressure. All the controls are on the side of the bidet attachment. Then flush the toilet and don’t forget to wash and dry off your hands. Contact us if you have any queries about the installation. We hope you enjoy your new toilet experience.

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