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Hygienic bidet

Washing with water is the ideal way to clean oneself after using the toilet. The methods of washing have evolved over the years. First, the traditional bucket and mug method was implied. Slowly, emerged the jet sprayers or the so-called health faucets. But regardless of being equipped with multiple toilets and the extra shiny sprayers, do you find these innovations innovative? Has a health faucet made your toilet experience effortless and hygienic? Do they create self-care toileting possible? The answer is a big NO! Luckily, there have been improvements.

What is a Bidet???

A bidet (pronounced bee-dei) is a shallow toilet or basin that sprays water to give easy access for washing a person’s private parts. Innovations are transfiguring our toilets. These attachments easily fit standard toilet seats, without any external help. The bidets are simple, allowing washing without reaching the nether regions, ergo a perk for the elderly, wheelchair- users, patients post-surgery, piles sufferers and pregnant women. Now let’s talk about hygiene. All toilets, white and glossy, needn’t be clean. This is often the major fallout of sprayers. They get wet and are shared among many of us within the house, transmitting infections. But bidets have proved to eliminate the spread of disease-causing microbes. Regular use of bidets helps the elimination of UTIs (Urinary tract infections). It also reduces piles pain and discomfort during bowel movements. 

Introducing X-Clean Bidet

Toilet bidet in india

Swachhpro, a US based company introduces X-Clean Bidet attachments in India as a healthier alternative to traditional jet sprayers/health faucets. The X-Clean bidet has two models—X-Clean 200 and X-Clean 250. It just takes 15–20 minutes to suit this piece of heaven onto the existing toilet seat. The dual fresh water nozzle provides both front and rear cleansing. The self clean nozzle feature keeps the nozzle clean. Then adjust the pressure knobs/handles and luxuriate in the stream of aqua rolling on your body. Installing an X-Clean bidet helps you to save a lot of water—and money too. Clean hands, clean bum, clean environment, clean earth—the X-Clean bidet has nailed it all. 


₹ 3,999.00

₹ 2,799.00

X Clean 200 Bidet
X Clean 250 Bidet
X Clean 200 Bidet
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